Adgravity | Kia achieved a reduction in CPC and CPL thanks to Adgravity.
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Kia achieved a reduction in CPC and CPL thanks to Adgravity.

Área: Real Time Bidding

Sector: Automotive

Fecha: Campaign active since September 2016


¿Why Adgravity?
Because of the unique MetaDSP system, the 4 ways of segmenting the audience and the ten years of experience in the sector


To get the CPC  as low as possible and to ensure that the user spends at least 30 seconds viewing the web page


To put into place branding actions focussed of gaining qualified traffic, new users and a low rate of rebounds.


We exceeded the expectations of the client and positioned ourselves ahead of another two providers.

We achieved a CPC of less than 1€ an an average time spent on the page of  37 seconds. Furthermore, 90% of users were new and the rate of rebound fell to 15%

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