Adgravity | Peugeot attained their highest number of leads interested in their 308 model
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Peugeot attained their highest number of leads interested in their 308 model

Área: Real Time Bidding

Sector: Automotive

Fecha: March 2015


¿Why Adgravity?
Because of the unique MetaDSP system, the 4 ways of segmenting the audience and the ten years of experience in the sector.


To attain the greatest number of leads interested in the Peugeot 308


Through the MetaDSP system the bid system was adjusted to be 100% focused on marketing results. On account of being in such a competitive market we worked with audience segmentation in 4 different lines, with special focus on the Look Alike and Finger Print of the users..


26% reduction in cost per action in the campaign.

Progressive increase in conversions whilst maintaining the number of impressions throughout the period

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