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Meta DSP

Ad Server



A DMP is a platform that manages centralised data allowing advertisements´ to grow their target audiences based on a combination of data from different sources.


The characteristics of a DMP are that they are technological platforms that help collect, integrate and store enormous amounts of data, structured or not. This data can be of different types.

  Data collected fron the advertisements´own sources.

  Data acquired from external sources to the advertisement.

Data collected from the advertisements´.

  The advertisements´own webpage

  Email marketing campaigns

  Mobile devices

  Social network

  Display actions

  Datos acquired from the clients and grouped by the advertisements CRM tool.

Data acquired from external sources to the advertisement.



  Socio-economic category


  Geographic Location


Meta DSP

This technology allows us to work and compete at the same time with the main DSPs of the market, balancing the budget of our advertisements to those that are obtaining the best results.

This improves the results of campaigns enormously and further stimulates the optimisation strategies of the  DSPs.


An Ad Server or advertisment server is a technology that is always present in programmatic buying, as much on the side of the offer as that of the demand.

From the point of view of the offer, it is the tool that that publishers use to secure the advertisement that appears on their webpage, app, etc. It serves as much to locate the advert function in the  desired program as to measure and obtain information.

Adserver DCO

We embellish our creations dynamically so that the advertising content of our clients arrives to the target audience with every impression.

The Dynamic Creations use the following data; time and date, location and web behaviour, in order to create ad hoc adverts for the user. This is from the understanding that, even though two users visit the same page, there will not be impacts from the same advert. Every single user sees an advert based on their likes

The Dynamic Creations makes reference to the process in which a banner is generated automatically, in real time. And it will be with a design and content based on information that tools such as cookies obtain. In this manner it shows every user relevant information with an innovative design.

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